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Inspection and Rolling
  • Inspection shall be conducted in accordance with the
        itemized provisior of inspecting standards based upon the
        paragraph and inspection result shall be recorded on the
        inspection checking lists in detail in classification by color
        and lot.

  • Products that have undergone inspection and rolling shall
        be cut each roll after each roll number and quantity are
        recorded on the inspection checking list and the roll.

  • Cut samples shall be sewed in the order of 3, 1, 4, and 2
        and left and right listings shall be exactly checked to
        classify good fabrics and bad ones.
        Regarding products are having seriously different color in
        a state having the same lot no. of the products put into a
        dyeign factory warehouse, lot shall be classified again by
        a sample cut each roll and corrections shall be made
        again to the descriptions on the roll and the inspection
        checking list.

  • The paper pipe(roll core)
        It shall be a rule that the company standard paper pipe of
        1.5" size shall be used unless specially requeted by the

  • For lot sample administration, it shall be a rule that lot
        number given by the dyeing factory shall be used, and in
        case seriously different color is found in a same lot,
        samples shall be cut from re-classified lot, and 2 copies of
        the sample administration list shall be prepared by
        account, client and one copy shall be delivered to the
        client together with the inspection checking list.
    Vinyl Packing
  • In a state that the inspection and rolling are finished, beautiful band shall be wond on the part 15cm inside from both
        sides selvedge, and sticker shall be attached exactly and clearly.
  • Vinyl packing sutiable to the size of each roll shall be used, and clean packing shall be made.
  • Packed fabrics shall be loaded by color and order and delivered in such a maner that packing can be conducted.
    Box Packing
  • Packing shall be conducted by correctly confirming shipping mark by client, color and order